Dear Glutton for Punishment,

So you still want to know more 'bout us, then? Or, more frightening still, do you wish to hire us to raise havoc at your event?
Well, then.

  • One Bad Idea: Inquire about hiring us for your next party/wedding/barn burning by sending an email to Darcy Nair.

  • Another Bad Idea: Part with some of your hard-earned cash by purchasing our recordings! Buy early, buy often!

    We sell copies of Tales of the Brigantine, Love at Fyrst Nyte, Lyve Behind Bars and Hello, Sailor at performances, but you can also get your mitts on CDs through Ye Olde Poste.

    Simply print and fill out this order form and send it along to:
    The Pyrates Royale
    19007 Laurel Grove Terrace
    Germantown, MD 20874

    ...With your check or money order written to The Pyrates Royale

    NOTE: Our overworked mail order galley slave fills orders part time, so please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. If you want to check on the status of your order, please email Capt. Moone.

  • Yet Another Bad Idea: Join the proud and foolhardy ranks of our victims, er, our "mailing list" by dropping a line to the lovely and talented Kat Fairbanks.

  • One Final Really Bad Idea: Pester crewmembers Capt. Moone, Long John Skivee, Peg Riley or Drake Mallard

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    Disclaimer: Ahem. The Pyrates Royale no longer accepts mail order brides, cabin boys, monkeys or any other kind of "companion" in trade.