The Pyrates Royale: Hello, Sailor

By Christine Lampe
No Quarter Given -- July, 1997

The Pyrates Royale were the highlight of the Pirates in Paradise Festival in Marathon, Fla. You may have missed them there, but now you can enjoy their musical offerings on their very first album, "Hello, Sailor."

A group of harmonious lads and lasses, they sing shanties and sea songs in a traditional manner, with a humorous twist. And they indeed do have a splendid sense of humor ... from the "Bermuda Triangle Traffic Report," to their modified version of "The Maid on the Shore," and to their alternative version of "What Do You Do with a Drunken Sailor" (they also sing a more traditional version on the album).

They do get somewhat suggestive, but not so that you couldn't let the children listen (oh, rats!). In singing "The Fireship," they stick to the traditional lyrics, but the added background dialogue and sound effects give a very different slant to the story. Indeed, many of the songs have interesting background sounds - used to good effect.

Other songs include: "Bell-Bottomed Trousers," "Blow the Old Man Down," "Carrickfergus," "Old Joe," and more.

While the songs in this collection aren't truly songs about pirates, they are songs you can easily imagine pirates singing.

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