The Pyrates Royale Photo Album: Before the New Millenium

MORE? You want... MORE? Sicko.

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Southern Md. Celtic Festival FSGW MiniFest Pyrates in Paradise
1999 Md. Ren Fest The Dreaded Engagement 1997 Md. Ren Fest
Royal Mile Tavern A Salty Christmas
1998 Md. Ren Fest New Year's Eve
Pirates in Paradise Even OLDER photos ('91-'96)

Southern Maryland Celtic Festival

Gathering under the tent
Cool hat
You can dress him up, but...
Hello, Dolly!
Rhythm section, dude!
Tough guy-er, gal
Floss much?

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Maryland Renaissance Festival

NEW! It's a Pyrate Invasion!
Bad company
A well-turned out pair
Hey, kids! It's Pyrate Barbie!
A shifty-eyed seafaring type
Pyrates Royale, the Next Generation?
Listing to starboard
Stubbs returns!
Swing your partner
The Boar's Head gets a new name... and owner
Welcome to Peg's pub!
Got a problem with that?
...didja dress up for Pyrate Invasion weekend? Send your photo, and we'll post it here!

More NEW Photos!
One, two, three KICK!
Our gallant captain stands...
Our lips are sealed?
Terribly serious music
That certain je ne sais quoi
Final Pub Sing
Pretty maids? I don't think so
He doesn't like being called... Stubbs
The HEEHEE Zone, part I
The HEEHEE Zone, part II
The HEEHEE Zone, part III
That patented dubious look
DON'T call me cute!
Oh, alright... call me cute
Ah, mon dieu!
Thirsty work
Testify, brother!
At the Globe
Another pic at the Globe
I want to bang on de drum all day
Happy Birthday to Vince!
Lord of the Dance?
Lord of the-HUH?
Lord of the-YOW!
A smile from Peg
A kid-friendly pyrate

A lovely smile from Fifi
Don't you just love it when he curls his lip like that?
Good fun!
Enjoying Pub Sing
Oh, Captain, my Captain!
Anyone got any Bactine?
Lost in the music
Lost in the music, part II
Back at the White Hart Tavern
White Hart, take 2
White Hart, take 3
Who, ME?
Happy happy, joy joy!
Yes, dear...!

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Pirates in Paradise

This is the life!
Up on the quarterdeck
A seadog at sunset
Gorgeous sunset clouds
The "Quiet Pyrate"
Pyrate camp
A schooner at sunset
Laying down on the job
Peg's at it again
Talk about an evil grin!
Tickle yer fancy?
There's a scurvy lot

Off Duty
Look, Darcy's a menagerie!
Coconut, anyone?
Darcy and Pedro

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Maryland Renaissance Festival '98

Skiv gets down to bizness
Louis just gets down
The Captain gets macho
Kat gets the... gourd?
Three lassies get cute
Louis looks good, as usual
Kat raises some eyebrows

Larry, Mo and Curly?
Six Sots and a Baby
It's the lineup
Piper the Moor?
Pickin' and Grinnin'
Crusty is watching you...
In the lap of luxury
Bad, naughty... kindling!
Our fearless leader
The crew at the Gatehouse
Clapping along at the White Hart
Fifi fiddles around
Watch yer back!

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Isn't it Grand, Boys, to be Bloody Well Wed...

We came to pay our solemn respects to Betsy and Brian, who had tragically pledged their troth to be married at the end of May. Despite the best efforts of the crew, and party hosts Randy and Karen, the young and foolhardy couple did indeed go through with their plans.

AAAAAHHH! They're getting married!
Just drink a rum until the urge passes...
Jennifer gets down
Let's make fun of amputees!

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The Royal Mile Tavern -- live recording session

Whatta crowd! With such an amazing turnout and free-flowing beverages, the evening was a blast!

They clean up purty nice
Peg and a retired crewmember
Pyrates past and present I
Pyrates past and present II
Pyrates past and present III

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FSGW Minifest

We were glad to come out and play at this Folklore Society of Greater Washington fundraiser, even though it was held at a (wince) elementary school. We were out of costume, but only slightly out of character, and although some delinquents suffered from detention flashbacks, everyone had a good time!

Eye rolling, grinning and other nonsense
Does Craig get detention for wearing a hat in class?
Jennifer looking sweet

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Ringing Out the Old Year, Y'all!

For New Year's Eve, the crew bravely changed character, accent and even music to portray the Weeds, a dusty and eccentric family that breezes into a Wild West town and gets involved in a murder case. Hey, it wasn't OUR idea! Blame CJ Crowe and Do or Die Productions.

The crew, I mean, the family onstage
Stink Weed and Milk Weed say howDEE!
Is this your Driver's License photo?
Barefoot and loco
That boy's not right

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We Wish You a Salty Christmas

We made a lot of noise, ate a lot of plum pudding and offended a lot of right-thinking folks with our sets at the Mariners' Museum in December.

A prow-ed pyrate crew
Here we come a-caroling
Hoist the plum pudding
Stumble, puke and trip and fall

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Maryland Renaissance Festival

Hey, we're trying to sing here!
Oh yes, she can-can!
Got your nose
Wear a kilt, what do ya expect?
Fifi gets carried away
The Hee Hee Zone, Part Two
What really goes on behind Fifi's back
The Bench of Doom
Peg at the White Heart
Fiddler on the roof!
Louis and his amazing technicolor dreamcoat
Down in the hold and working at the pumps...
Give us your money!
No, give ME your money!
That bleedin' bell
Singing at Middleton Tavern
He told her he'd show her the length of his...
Skivvy with the Crusty-O-Lantern
Kat the Navigator, at your service
Let them eat cake!

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Pyrates in Paradise Festival

Singing in the key of Marathon
It's a dry heat...
Playing with the kindling

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